Red Beans
    Slowly cooked beans that are creamy and cooked until they burst open. Served over white rice, you can order them with 5-piece drumettes, Patton's hot sausage, or a pork chop prepared one of four ways: fried, grilled, 7th Ward or smothered. These are a New Orleans original and second to none.

  • Praline Candy
    Creamy, pecan-filled, slow cooked, melt in your mouth and a great way to top off a Pierre's meal. The number one choice for praline, you can get them in original, coconut, or chocolate. Gift bags available or Gift packages available for use in Thank-You bags..

  • Pierre's Famous Gumbo
    What can we say! One of our signature dishes that makes Pierre's, well, Pierre's and the best restaurant in DFW as far as New Orleans cuisine goes. Inside the gumbo you have shrimp, crab, sausage, beef, Patton's hot sausage, chicken, turkey and the best roux north of Baton Rogue.
    (That's the secret.)

  • Seafood Platter
    Coated with our special batter and fried to perfection in peanut oil. You can get all three seafood items; fish, oyster and shrimp or any two or just one. It comes with your choice of onion rings or fries, salad and toasted French bread. Best seafood platter in DFW - ask anybody who's eaten it!

  • Po' Boy
    We have a variety of Po' Boys from the traditional seafood, fish, oyster, shrimp, or combination, to the hot sausage, hamburger or roast beef with gravy. We do Philly Po' Boys or Philly Surf N Turf. Call us to find out the difference or ask your Mamma Nem.

  • BBQ Shrimp
    Baked in a beer and butter batter and the other ingredients such as… we’re not telling but the sauce is to die for and the toasted bread dipped in the sauce is a real Pierre's treat!

  • Jambalaya
    It would be impossible to find a better Jambalaya in the Big Easy; but you can at 2816 South Cooper (Pierre’s Mardi Gras Café). We use two different sausages with shrimp in a tomato sauce with just enough bite to growl at you.

  • Dirty Rice
    Seasoned to perfection, sautéed in the holy trinity, comes together with ground beef and long grain rice and steamed the way you like it.

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